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A further insight from Nicol

Wedgwood, Josiah Wedgwood!

Wedgwood is a manufacturer of fine china, porcelain and luxury accessories, founded in 1759 That it is possible many of you to know. I didn't. (like you do not know what Horezu pottery is for instance.. just to get the point). So, I didn't until I saw the Wedgwood Jasperware "Cupid at Play"on Auld Curiosities and look for it on internet. Where the world of antiques leads me it is really very interesting. It leads me to people, very interesting people. So I found who Josiah Wedgwood (b.1730– d.1795) was. He was of course, the English potter who founded the famous pottery but he also was an exceptional entrepreneur. He pioneered direct mail, money back guarantees, self-service, free delivery, buy one get one free, and illustrated catalogues that sound familiar in modern days so he is credited as one of the inventors of modern marketing. But he also invented the pyrometer, a device for measuring high temperatures.

He was an abolitionist. More exactly he convinced people of the evils of the Slave Trade. He also had the money to provide financial assistance and actively participated in this cause, becoming a member of one of the abolition committees and even creating a well known emblem of the campaign with the words "Am I not a man and a brother?" And this is not all. Did you know that he was the grandfather of Charles Darwin? That can make us say " what a family!" It is more to be said about this impressive character with an amputated leg who did so many in his not very long life, but I stop and just wonder what this cabinet plate from Auld Curiosities made me find out.

Thank you Nicol - your insights and observations are always well received and well followed by our readers.

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Unknown member
Oct 04, 2020

The interesting and beautiful things you bring here are the inspiration.

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