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A new world in the morning

A "New World in the Morning" was the catchy title of a song by Roger Whittaker, released about 1970. It seems totally appropriate for this slightly grey, overcast morning here in Dunedin, New Zealand, not for our physical outlook but as a reflection of potential great change that comes with Joe Biden winning the US Presidency. Waking up to the news that the networks in America had declared Joe Biden as the winner of the election, does hold hope of change. Will this herald a return to the politics of inclusion and co-operation that stabilised the USA for eight years with President Obama at the helm? We can certainly hope so and gladly we will wave good bye to the master of divisiveness, self-promotion and disregard for the health of his nation.

Auld Curiosities has had another video contribution from Nicol, a beautiful look at some of our desk and writing ephemera. I hope you will take time to view this video and relax to the gentle soothing music that accompanies it.

Kind regards

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