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Don't count your chickens....

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

After waxing lyrical yesterday regarding the settled weather, the weather blew in from the Roaring 40's bringing a temperature change and rain. Now Dunedin isn't New Zealand's southern most city (that honour goes to Invercargill) but there is certainly not a lot between here and the Antarctic, so weather change can be frequent and on occasions wild. Spring can be the season of wind for us, in contrast to autumn which seems to be the most calm. None the less I wouldn't choose to live elsewhere in New Zealand. That isn't an opinion based in some bigoted idea, in the past I have lived in the country's biggest city and a rural town on the East Coast of the North Island. Here in Dunedin we have a nice balance - balmy summer days without being too humid and winter days cold and brisk enough to suppress the bacteria and bugs that invade the sub tropical areas to the north. The city's history also allows an interesting array of curios to come to auction etc which in turn enables Auld Curiosities to offer a selection of these to you, our customers.

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