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A very good insight provided by one of our valued members. Thamk you for taking the time to research and share with us all N.

Looking for the technique of tube lining, I found that it is quite difficult to meet the term today and this is because tube lining was introduced into pottery in the late nineteenth century and was used until the 1950s when was abandoned because it was too much time consuming and therefore expensive. However, the technique is simple to describe: liquid clay, kept in a small bag and applied to the decorated object by squeezing through a nozzle which is a small glass tube.

But this tube-lining technique brings to my mind another. I tend to believe there is a resemblance to a traditional technique of decorating Easter eggs in Romania, the country I live in. Observing how pots and tiles are decorated through tube-lining(hardly found some on YouTube ) , it came to my mind an odd tool that women uses here to draw intricate folk models on eggs with melted beeswax. Only, the wax is ment to cover the parts of the drawing that need to be protected from painting with a certain dye.The small tube through which a single horse hair is inserted is used to make intricate designs with the beeswax before dipping the egg into dyes. The process repeats for different parts of the drawing and different dyes starting with the brighest color to the darkest color, until the egg looks like a mosaic. In the end, after the beeswax protected one by one every color on the egg, the egg shell is warmed up, so that the beeswax can be rubbed off and the true colors of the egg can be seen. In the pictures I took at an Easter egg festival in Bucovina you can see the instrument (called chișița), folk artists who use this technique and the result. These little beauties are very fragile, the eggs being emptied first of their contents using a simple technique: the shells are perforated at the ends and then the contents are blown. But even so fragile they are collectible."

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