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On a historical note...

Yesterday saw an effort to add more items to the store. One of those items, a military helmet carrier , was fascinating to research. It transpired that it held quite a strong link to New Zealand which hadn't been expected.

Research pointed to the helmet carrier being owned by Sir Frank Mappin who was a captain in the 1st York Yeomanry Cavalry (later an honorary major). Sir Frank also inherited the title of 2nd Baronet of Thornbury on the death of his father (Sir Frederick Thorpe Mappin). The baronetcy title passed on a further 4 times, finishing with Sir Frank Crossley Mappin who was a highly respected orchardist, horticulturalist, and environmentalist, who passed away in 1975. The house 'Birchlands', that has been the family home of the late Sir Frank Crossley Mappin and his wife up until 1969, was gifted to the Crown and became Government House, the secondary official residence of the Governor General of New Zealand.

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