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Reaching the interim goal during an Antarctic blast

I always regarding reaching 150 items listed as a bit of a milestone. Today marks that goal being reached, but that isn't to say that it all stops now. Traffic to the site remains in the developmental phase as can also be said for getting ranked by Google and other search engines. The expectation would be that both of these will grow together and so continuing to add items that we regard as being interesting and attractive in their own way.

It was just a blog or two ago that the virtues of moving to summer were raised. Karma has that way of giving us call to be embarrassed about our boldness - today has seen the onset of a polar blast straight from the Antarctic. Skiffs of snow fell earlier in the morning but didn't lie around our suburb. However inland from here the falls continue and the forecasters are warning of more to come. It is days like this that I feel happy to be retired but perhaps also a little guilty for the family members who still have to leave for work. Still this isn't going to last for more than another day or two and the sun will return. In the meantime look out for more items to be listed and give some consideration to be dropping a message and telling what sort of items you would like to see or perhaps researched.

Kind regards

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