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Vintage, collectable fountain pen

Much in the same vein as yesterday’s blog, I managed to find another item (among the hundreds yet to list) that offered the opportunity and challenge of research. The “Haro” brand fountain pen hails from Pomerania a historic region then split between Germany and Poland. The manufacturer was one Hans Roggenbuck (with the brand being made up from the first two letters of first and surnames). Hans opened his business in 1926 and his pens were made affordable by the use of glass nibs. Over time the range of pens expanded to include metal nibbed pens, level fill pens and piston filler pens. The pen that was being offered for sale by Auld Curiosities was assessed as probably dating from the 1950’s – glass nibbed and using the piston filling system. The pen was stripped down to the component parts, cleaned and reassembled then filled with ink to check the seals. Hey presto a functioning fountain pen with a fine nib writing characteristic. It is well known by those who know me that I have a love of fountain pens. Yes, they can be messy at times and on occasions run out of ink at the most inconvenient moment, but there is a flow (no pun intended) to the manner in which letters are formed and a need for care that isn’t required with the modern biro or electronic device. So I have some experience writing with a number of fountain pen brands. I regularly use two different Waterman’s, a Conway Stewart, a Sheaffer and my prized vulcanised rubber bodied Onoto. The Haro writes as well as most ( a little slower ink flow than I expected or am used to) and sits nicely in the hand. So whether you are a collector or someone looking to experience writing pleasure – this is worth a look on the website.

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