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Welcome to 2 more site members

Yesterday saw our site attract 2 new members. Welcome to you both and hopefully you feel able to share your thoughts, comments or questions through the forum or by messaging us.. We are trying to create a website that offers variety and appeal to a wide audience son any comments are valuable for this process. We have found a way to add our images to Instagram as well as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn so hopefully the increased exposure will see more people joining the site and thus creating a community.

Today's addition is a small but attractive cravat pin which could repurpose to a very attractive lapel pin. The idea of repurposing some of the items we offer for sale, sits very well. These are well made items that have already stood the test of time and will continue to do so for years/decades to come. By doing this we believe that we offer a means of reducing waste and saving resources, while appreciating quality workmanship from yesteryear. As a means of trying to encourage this "green approach" we endeavour to offer items at a price which sits favourably against new items.

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