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Antique gilt finished seal without initials.

Antique gilt finished seal without initials.

SKU: 0970163

The seal is small in size but it would have been large in terms of impact in its day. The gilt finish has worn on the edges but the seal generally retains a good covering and rich glow. The size suggests that it would have been worn on a fob chain or similar, to be kept on hand for any document signing / sealing. This particular seal does not appear to have been used for purpose in that it lacks engraving that could have been expected to be there, making it available for personalisation and use either as a seal or perhaps a young ladies pendant.

The seal is 1” (25mm) in width, 15/16” (24mm) in height and 5/16” (8mm) deep with an inverted heart shape as the centre design piece. The blank bottom plate is shown in the second photograph, waiting to be engraved with the buyers design. Postage will be determined at point of sale and is a cost to the buyer. We do this to ensure that our charges are accurate and fair.

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