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Beardsley & Son box camera with film plate holders

Beardsley & Son box camera with film plate holders

SKU: 3430100

Box Camera for 3 1/4” x 4 1/16” film plates which may well be a unique 'one off' build. The internet has been scoured for the name that appears in the (?) ivory cartoche on the front, but nothing has been found. Beardsley & Son of Christchurch New Zealand, does not appear anywhere that has been searched, leading to thoughts that perhaps this was a professional photographer who created his own equipment to meet a growing business need. Unique or not, this is a well-constructed wooden box camera with a textured leather/leatherette cover. The interior has been painted in matte black, as could be expected to assist light integrity, but the attractive choice of wood can be seen when the front panel is open. The camera has a fixed lens and all control of exposure is built on the front panel – aperture, shutter speed and focal distance range are all managed here – see photographs. There are 5 surviving film plate holders which are held in place by a spring and when exposed the plate can be dropped down into the body of the camera while the next plate slips into place – a very clever arrangement really. Here is the opportunity to add a rare/unique camera to your collection.  Postage will be determined at point of sale and is a cost to the buyer. We do this to ensure that our charges are accurate and fair.

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