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Bursley Ware "Amstel" decorated vase by Frederick Rhead

Bursley Ware "Amstel" decorated vase by Frederick Rhead

SKU: 9360440

Tonight, on behalf of Auld Curiosities, it is a rare pleasure to offer a rare shaped piece of Bursley ware. Decorated in the “Amstel” pattern by Frederick Alfred Rhead (1856 – 1933). This shape has not been found, despite extensive checks through reference books or on the search engines. The hand painted pattern dates to the early 1920’s and is certainly well known and extensively collected though getting harder to find now. Some people will no doubt argue that Frederick’s son (Frederick Hurten Rhead) and daughter (Charlotte Rhead) eclipsed him but for raw energy and power this pattern is hard to beat. The (?) decorative specimen vase / (?) decorative ornamental flask stands 6 ½” (652mm) tall to the top of the opening, has a maximum width of approximately 7 “ (178mm). In depth the piece measures approximately 3 ½” (89mm) giving a really nice balance to whole piece. No evidence of damage or repair on close examination.


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    It was reported on 11th February that Dunedin has its first active case of Covid 19 in nearly 2 years. As Auld Curiosities is a contactless ecommerce business we have no major changes to make in terms of our selling items to you. We have for the last 2 years practiced good hygiene care both when unpacking purchased items and when preparing items for postage. There will be added attention to interpersonal contact but I am doubly vaccinated and ‘boosted’, wear a hospital grade mask in public and maintain good hygiene so hopefully there will not be too much discombobulation, if we can maintain the supply of items to offer customers.

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