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Carter Stabler Adams bowl

Carter Stabler Adams bowl

SKU: 4660316

The firm of Carter, Stabler, Adams was formed in 1921 as a subsidiary of Carter and Co which had grown a reputation for their tiles and architectural ceramics. The new company grew and developed table wares and small wares which became widely recognised for their decoration – often the work of Truda Carter, while shapes and glazes were the work of John Adams. This became what we now know as Traditional Poole. This small bowl captures the best of the early formative work of these icons – the shape is beautifully balanced and the colourful design eye-catching and bright. The bowl measures 6 ¼” in diameter and stands 2 ¼” high and while there is crazing on the interior of the bowl, there is no chips or cracks seen. Nice clear impressed backstamp dates this bowl to between 1925 1934.

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