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New Zealand Post Office Savings Bank money box

New Zealand Post Office Savings Bank money box

SKU: 5040079

Once, 50+ years ago, these were what every school aged child in New Zealand wanted. The Post Office Savings Bank had the monopoly on the 'school savings system' where children (and their parents) were encouraged to contribute weekly to a savings account for the child. These money boxes were an augmentation to that system and not every child was able to get one of these. This money box has no key - these were held by the Post Office Savings Bank staff and probably all are now lost. A competent locksmith should however, be able to cut a new one. The money box measures 4 5/8" (117mm) in height, 2 15/16" (74mm) wide and 7/8" (23mm) deep. Postage will be determined at point of sale and is a cost to the buyer.

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