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Scottish agate stone bracelet

Scottish agate stone bracelet

SKU: 340082

White metal bracelet mounted with 5 Scottish agates. The bracelet is a true statement piece of considerable age. A simple hook and ring fastening and agates which have been tumble polished but 3 of them have been mounted with indentations in the surface where the polishing didn't reach. While this may sound as if the stones are flawed, in fact it adds to the earthy quality of the bracelet. The metal does not carry any mark to indicate maker or whether there is silver content, so sold as white metal and priced accordingly. The bracelet measures to a maximum of 8 7/16" (223mm) and a minimum fastening of 7 5/8" (194mm), although obviously extension to the fitting chain would be possible. Postage will be determined at point of sale and is a cost to the buyer. We do this to ensure that our charges are accurate and fair.

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