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Solid Oak table-top lectern

Solid Oak table-top lectern

SKU: 5770353

Today’s offering from Auld Curiosities is a solid Oak table-top lectern with adjustable pitch. The lectern has a 1” (25.5mm) ledge to hold the book or periodical that the owner may wish to read from and there are two brass rods which hold the pages in an open position (these look as though they may be replacements and slightly crudely made). The four feet to the lectern are attached and supported by nicely fashioned Oak blocks giving a real stability to the lectern, even when holding a larger tome. This does however add weight so postage will be a factor – so please check with Auld Curiosities for an accurate quote. The lectern stands between 18 ½” (470mm) to 19.25” (490mm), depending on the angle the slope is placed at. The slope is 16 3/16” (410mm) wide and front to back, the base is approximately 11 ¾” (300mm). I estimate that the packed weight would be in the region of 5kgs.


Postage will be determined at point of sale and is a cost to the buyer. We determine costs to each item as opposed to having regional postage charges to ensure that our charges are accurate and fair. PLEASE DO NOT BUY AN ITEM WITHOUT ESTABLISHING THE POSTAGE CHARGE TO BE ADDED TO THE PURCHASE PRICE.

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