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Stewart Warner 'Hollywood model' 16mm cine camera

Stewart Warner 'Hollywood model' 16mm cine camera

SKU: 3410115

The Stewart Warner ‘Hollywood’ model 16mm cine camera dates to the early 1930’s and has some brilliant engine turned design in the interior compartment, in keeping with the art deco period. This camera is a clockwork driven one and it offers a speed range including; slow motion, low, normal and talking picture speed. The clockwork mechanism winds easily and appears to drive the gears evenly although this hasn’t been tested with film. There is a manually adjustable aperture control, offering 4 stops between f3.5 and f11. The ‘taking lens’ is detachable by unscrewing the small finger screw and twisting the lens off. The camera is missing the carry strap that would normally run over the top, secured by two chromed lugs, and the carry case is very worn with a working zip but the zipper mechanism missing the lug, which makes opening and closing more laborious. Postage will be determined at point of sale and is a cost to the buyer. We do this to ensure that our charges are accurate and fair.

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