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Vintage Elkington Monarchy Plate cocktail shaker

Vintage Elkington Monarchy Plate cocktail shaker

SKU: 2090172

Nothing quite sets off the home bar, or the professional one for that matter, so much as good barware. Today we are pleased to offer a solid and attractive piece of barware, a silver plate cocktail shaker by Elkington. The name Elkington is well respected in silver plate and the Elkington brothers, George and Henry who are attributed with developing and refining the process. The company patented the silver plate process in the early 1830’s and had it perfected by 1840, allowing them to licence the process to other manufacturers. This cocktail shaker dates from about 1936/7 and the silver plate is exceptional with no worn edges. This is an ideal size for a single / two drink mix at the most and the shaker has a knob on top which is spring loaded to enable “muddling” as well as shaking. The cocktail shaker stands 6“ (152mm) tall to the top of the knob, in the loosened position. If for any reason you find an item does not match the description (written or photographic) please contact Auld Curiosities by email within 7 days of the item arriving, to arrange return and refund.

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