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Another Dunner's Stunner

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

For those unlucky enough to live outside of the Dunedin environs, a "Dunner's Stunner" is our way of acknowledging a great day weather-wise, and yesterday was one of those days. So far, September has brought mainly warm days and a settled spell of weather. It has been enough to encourage thoughts of an approaching long warm summer. In 1964 when my family moved to Dunedin in the heart of winter, there was thick ice on the main city pavement edges until the early afternoon etc - now our winter involved about 4 or 5 mild frosts that hit one or two of the higher hill suburbs. While climate change has some very serious implications, it is easy to understand a mayor not too much further south than here who quipped, "If this is climate change we'll take a couple of degrees".

So where is all this going, Well there is a parallel here between the change in climate conditions over the years and changes in the products the world produces. For the most part, craftsmanship now only occurs at the top 2% and mass production fills the rest. Worse yet, it is mass production with materials which do not always match the quality of 100 years ago. In this environment buying antiques not only makes sense in terms of value but it also makes sense in terms of the environment and our depleting resources. So to you, the reader, congratulations on your choice to be here with like minded others.

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