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Upward and onward

With the marketplace being in a state of flux due to the rampant Covid 19 it has been an interesting time to see the effects on ecommerce. While the establishment of ecommerce is burgeoning and growing at a good rate, this doesn't automatically give all small businesses exposure. During the week I used a Facebook link to reach a very reputable company who assess and if required, improve the SEO (search engine optimisation), giving the business better rankings and more business It didn't take the service much time at all to see the deficits in the "reach" that this website is having. We are all but invisible on the internet. Search antiques and we might pop up in the 6th to 9th page - but then who goes there lol. Narrowing the search to antiques New Zealand, antiques Otago or even antiques Dunedin hardly causes a flicker to the discovery - we remain all but invisible. We or more honestly, I, seem to have made a basic mistake of choosing a .com rather than a Yes it is a world wide web and yes we would like to sell world-wide - but it is important to start with building a base.

Not all is lost - not at all, antiques, collectables and vintage curios will continue to flow, but perhaps at a slower rate while I try to work my way through the convoluted pathways of marketing what we have. For our faithful followers, bear with Auld Curiosities while we strategise a better outreach. In the meantime keep in mind that we are working hard to better serve you. Kind regards, Bill

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